PHP is a popular general-purpose scripting language that’s particularly suited for server-side web development. PHP runtime is generally executed by webpage content, and can be added to HTML and HTML5 WebPages. We in 1crore Project Centre, in Chennai, do projects for the College Final Year Students in PHP Research.  We do projects which includes both from basic to advance level projects.  

We’re tech enthusiasts on a mission to teach the students, how to use and understand the tech in their lives. Phones, laptops, gadgets, apps, software, websites, services—if it can make your life better, we’ll show you all the tips, tricks, and techniques you need to know to get the most out of what you have.

So far we have finished doing projects for more than 10,000 Engineering students. And we have experience in doing the Projects for 9 + years. The majority of our Projects are recognized by the companies which are needed as per their requirements. Most of our Projects are identified by the industries which are suitable for their needs.

When you commit your project in our 1crore project centre, you will receive an Abstract and base paper, documentation, when we deliver your project you will get the source code and explanation and software installation / Hardware installation done.

We 1crore Project Centre will give you Project Acceptance Letter and Technology Learning certificate. The students will receive Project Completion Experience Certificate also from us.

We will deliver your project in on-time after completion. We assure you 100% result for all Projects. We in 1crore Project Centre in Chennai, gives complete Guidance throughout your project work.

Our faculties at 1crore Project Centre will give you excellent support throughout your project done.

 If you want more reference projects for engineering students, do drop in with your friends to 1crore Project Centre in Chennai and get your knowledge polished for your upcoming career.


  •   Image processing
  •   Signal processing
  •   Data mining
  •   Distributed networking
  •   Internet of things
  •   Networking
  •   Vehicular Ad hoc network
  •   Database
  •   Mobile sensor networks
  •   Mobile wireless networks
  •   Electrical Related
  •   Signal processing