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The Android system implements the principle of least privilege. That is, each app, by default, has access only to the components that it requires to do its work and no more. We in 1crore Project Centre do the projects in Android for College Final Year Students. Our developers are well versed in Android and 6 + years experience in it. Android creates a very secure environment in which an app cannot access parts of the system for which it is not given permission. The one, it’s possible to arrange for two apps to share the same Linux user ID, in which case they are able to access each other’s files. Other one is an app can request permission to access device data such as the device’s location, camera, and Bluetooth connection.

So far we 1crore Project Centre, have finished doing projects for more than 10,000 Engineering students. And we have experience in doing the Projects for 9 + years. The majority of our Projects are recognized by the companies which are needed as per their requirements.

We endeavour for perfection and provide high quality solutions in this domain. Most of our Projects are identified by the industries which are suitable for their needs.

 As we, 1crore project, commits the Project, you will receive an Abstract and base paper, documentation, when you receive the project you will get the source code and explanation and software installation / Hardware installation done while delivery of your project.

We 1crore Project Centre will give you Project Acceptance Letter and Technology Learning certificate. The students will receive Project Completion Experience Certificate also from us.

We will deliver your project in on-time after completion. We assure you 100% result for all Projects. We in 1crore Project Centre in Chennai, gives complete Guidance throughout your project work.

Call / Mail / SMS your requirements, or directly visit our office with your friends at 1crore Project Centre for more queries.

Our bond with our engineering students is been around for many years build on mutual trust, respect and benefiting the student career.

Our faculties at 1crore Project Centre will give you excellent support throughout your project done.


  • Efficient and Anonymous Mobile User Authentication Protocol Using Self-certified Public Key Cryptography for Multi-server Architectures
  •   iSearch: Mobile app for searching lost person
  •   EPLQ: Efficient Privacy-Preserving Location-based Query over Outsourced Encrypted Data
  •   Greenhouse Remote Monitoring System Based Mobile App
  •   Fast Sharing Blood Availability Between Donor’s And Acceptor’s Through Android App Using Cloud Service
  •   iCar: Mobile app for carpooling using bootstrap responsive design
  •   iJob: job Peers Training and Exam
  •   Mobile app for an Employee management system for monitoring and controlling a process using bootstrap responsive design
  •   iTour: Mobile app for Tourism City using bootstrap responsive design
  •   eCom: Mobile app for online shopping based on responsive design
  •   Mobile app for Sharing Marriage Invitation using bootstrap responsive design
  •   iBus: Mobile app for Bus Timing Report using bootstrap responsive design
  •   iSchool: Mobile app for School Management App using bootstrap responsive design
  •   Anomaly detection approach against shilling attacks in E-com site using the dynamic time interval segmentation technique
  •   isports: Mobile app for Sports Events using bootstrap responsive design
  •   E-services for gram panchayath
  •   Mobile for Ambulance and police location based information
  •   Mobile App for BHARATH NARI for online shopping
  •   A bridge between Investor and Business people
  •   Android Application to Access College Activities – Events, Placement, Student Info