We 1crore Project Centre, do projects in Dot Net for the college final year students. Dot NET is a free, cross-platform, open source developer platform for building many different types of applications. With Dot NET, you can use multiple languages, editors, and libraries to build for web, mobile, desktop, games, and IoT.  Our Faculties are well versed in this domain and got certified in this field, and experienced more than 6+ years.

IEEE DOT NET PROJECTS Welcome to the BE Project Centre in Chennai, where innovation meets excellence in IEEE Dotnet projects. Our center is dedicated to providing a platform for students to dive into the world of cutting-edge technologies and gain hands-on experience in developing projects based on the IEEE Dotnet framework. Whether you are a final year student or an enthusiast looking to expand your knowledge, our expert guidance and state-of-the-art facilities ensure a dynamic learning environment tailored for success.

At BE Project Centre, we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of technological advancements, particularly in the realm of IEEE Dotnet projects. Our comprehensive training programs empower students to tackle real-world challenges and develop solutions using the latest tools and technologies. Join us on a journey of innovation and skill-building that goes beyond traditional education. Enroll today at BE Project Centre in Chennai and take a significant step towards a future where your skills in IEEE Dotnet projects stand out.

So far we have finished doing projects for more than 10,000 Engineering students. And we have experience in doing the Projects for 9 + years. The majority of our Projects are recognized by the companies which are needed as per their requirements.

Dot NET is a cross-platform, its implementation for websites, servers, and console apps on Windows, Linux, and macOS. Dot NET is a cross-platform, its implementation for websites, servers, and console apps on Windows, Linux, and macOS Our faculties at 1crore Project Centre, will give you excellent support throughout your project done.

We assure you 100% result for all Projects. Most of our Projects are identified by the industries which are suitable for their needs.

While we, 1crore project commits the Project, you will receive an Abstract and base paper, documentation, and while getting project delivered, source code, explanation and software installation / Hardware installation done for you.

We will deliver your project in on-time after completion. We 1crore Project Centre will give you Project Acceptance Letter, Project Attendance letter and Technology Learning certificate.

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The students will receive Project Completion Experience Certificate.

Multiplatform Training will be gained by the students through Real time experience when you get the project done by 1crore project centre.

So get the knowledge availability from our 1crore Project Centre and use it in your project works.


  • A Secure and Dynamic Multi-Keyword Ranked Search Scheme over Encrypted Cloud Data
  • Catch You if You Misbehave: Ranked Keyword Search Results Verification in Cloud Computing
  • Circuit Ciphertext-Policy Attribute-Based Hybrid Encryption with Verifiable Delegation in Cloud Computing
  • Conjunctive Keyword Search With Designated Tester and Timing Enabled Proxy Re-Encryption Function for E-Health Clouds
  • Dynamic and Public Auditing with Fair Arbitration for Cloud Data
  • Dynamic-Hash-Table Based Public Auditing for Secure Cloud Storage
  • Enabling Cloud Storage Auditing With Verifiable Outsourcing of Key Updates
  • Fine-Grained Two-Factor Access Control for Web-Based Cloud Computing Services
  • Identity-Based Proxy-Oriented Data Uploading and Remote Data Integrity Checking in Public Cloud
  • KSF-OABE: Outsourced Attribute-Based Encryption with Keyword Search Function for Cloud Storage
  • Leveraging Data Deduplication to Improve the Performance of Primary Storage Systems in the Cloud
  • MMBcloud-tree: Authenticated Index for Verifiable Cloud Service Selection
  • Trust-but-Verify: Verifying Result Correctness of Outsourced Frequent Itemset Mining in Data-Mining-As-a-Service Paradigm


  • A Mixed Generative-Discriminative Based Hashing Method
  • Personalized Travel Sequence Recommendation on Multi-Source Big Social Media
  • Practical Approximate k Nearest Neighbor Queries with Location and Query Privacy
  • Text Mining the Contributors to Rail Accidents
  • User-Service Rating Prediction by Exploring Social Users’ Rating Behaviors


  • Content-Adaptive Steganography by Minimizing Statistical Detectability
  • Secure Reversible Image Data Hiding Over Encrypted Domain via Key Modulation
  • Securing SIFT: Privacy-Preserving Outsourcing Computation of Feature Extractions Over Encrypted Image Data


  • A Joint Time Synchronization and Localization Design for Mobile Underwater Sensor Networks
  • Service Usage Classification with Encrypted Internet Traffic in Mobile Messaging Apps
  • DaGCM: A Concurrent Data Uploading Framework for Mobile Data Gathering in Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Traffic Decorrelation Techniques for Countering a Global Eavesdropper in WSNs
    WORAL: A Witness Oriented Secure Location Provenance Framework for Mobile Devices


  • Efficient Certificateless Access Control for Wireless Body Area Networks
  • Finding Nonequivalent Classifiers in Boolean Space to Reduce TCAM Usage
  • Geographic and Opportunistic Routing for Underwater Sensor Networks
  • Optimizing Cost for Online Social Networks on Geo-Distributed Clouds
  • Secure and Efficient data communication protocol for Wireless Body Area Networks


  • Authenticated Key Exchange Protocols for Parallel Network File Systems
  • Real-Time Semantic Search Using Approximate Methodology for Large-Scale Storage Systems


  • Detecting and Removing Web Application Vulnerabilities with Static Analysis and Data Mining
  • ID2S Password-Authenticated Key Exchange Protocols