Raspberry Pi is an inexpensive small computer you can use for a variety of tasks. From building a smart TV to creating Twitter bots, this simple device is capable of many things. We in 1crore Project Centre in Chennai do projects for College Final Year Students in Raspberry Pi.

Our Faculties in 1crore Project centre, has well experienced and well versed in their projects, with innovative ideas in which the machine can help us to try out their skills in a new learn ones and of its versatility.

We assure you 100% result for all Projects. Most of our Projects are identified by the industries which are suitable for their needs.

So far we have finished doing projects for more than 10,000 Engineering students. And we have experience in doing the Projects for 9 + years. The majority of our Projects are recognized by the companies which are needed as per their requirements.

While we, 1crore project commits the Project, you will receive an Abstract and base paper, documentation, and while getting project delivered, source code, explanation and software installation / Hardware installation done for you.

 We will deliver your project in on-time after completion

We 1crore Project Centre will give you Project Acceptance Letter, Project Attendance letter and Technology Learning certificate. The students will receive Project Completion Experience Certificate

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Our faculties at 1crore Project Centre will give you excellent support throughout your project done.

Multiplatform Training will be gained by the students through Real time experience when you get the project done by 1crore project centre.

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  •   A Raspberry Pi controlled cloud based air and sound pollution monitoring system with temperature and humidity sensing.
  •   Comparative analysis for a real time face recognition system using raspberry Pi.
  •   Smart home garden irrigation system using Raspberry Pi.
  •   NFC/RFID technology using Raspberry Pi as a platform used in a smart home project.
  •   Temperature and Humidity Detection System of Communication System Based on Raspberry Pi.
  •   Design of Smart Mirror Based on Raspberry Pi.
  •   Health monitoring system using Raspberry PI.
  •   Recommendation based advance driver assistance system: Using Raspberry Pi.
  •   Raspberry Pi based real time tracking system.
  •   Voice recognition by Google Home and Raspberry Pi for smart socket control.
  •   Image processing for driver’s safety and vehicle control using raspberry Pi and webcam.
  •   Raspberry Pi based biometric authentication vehicle door locking system.
  •   Controlling the temperature reactor based on Raspberry Pi system control.
  •   Raspberry Pi 2 based prepaid electricity billing system for below poverty.
  •   Design and development of Raspberry Pi based system for the prepaid electricity meter.
  •   IOT based traffic light control system using Raspberry Pi.
  •   IOT based real time patient monitoring and analysis using Raspberry Pi 3.
  •   Implementation of machine learning for gender detection using CNN on Raspberry Pi platform
  •   Raspberry Pi and computers-based face detection and recognition system.
  •   Automated blood bank system using Raspberry PI.
  •   Implementation of RFID-based raspberry Pi for user authentication and offline intelligent payment system.
  •   Design and implementation of low-cost web based human health monitoring system using Raspberry Pi 2.
  •   Robotized electric meter reading and monitoring system utilizing ZigBee-integrated Raspberry pi.
  •   Fingerprint authentication using Raspberry Pi based on IoT.
  •   Home automation by using raspberry Pi and android applications.
  •   Air quality monitoring system based on IoT using Raspberry Pi.
  •   Health monitoring based on IoT using Raspberry PI.
  •   High quality, low-cost education with the Raspberry Pi.
  •   Human detector and counter using Raspberry Pi microcontroller.
  •   A rapid texture-based moving object detection method.
  •   IoT-cloud based framework for patient data collection in the smart healthcare system using raspberry-p.
  •   Smart home automation with a unique door monitoring system for old age people using Python, OpenCV, Android, and Raspberry pi.
  •   Implementation of spy robot for a surveillance system using Internet protocol of Raspberry Pi.
  •   Design and development of a smart baby monitoring system based on Raspberry Pi and Pi camera.
  •   IoT based energy and gas economic home automation system using Raspberry Pi 3.
  •   Security system using raspberry Pi.
  •   >Android Application for Monitoring Soil Moisture Using Raspberry Pi.
  •   Environmental wireless sensor network using Raspberry Pi 3 for the greenhouse monitoring system.
  •   Motion activated security camera using Raspberry Pi.
  •   IoT based smart surveillance security system using Raspberry Pi.
  •   Home media center with Raspberry Pi.
  •   Raspberry pi Twitter Bot.
  •   Real time emotion detection from speech using Raspberry Pi 3.
  •   Gesture based drawing system using raspberry pi.
  •   Home automation Control system Using Amazon Alexa.
  •   Raspberry Pi Server-based Hotel/Restaurant Order Management System on IoT.
  •   Recognition of Human Fall Events Based on Single Tri-axial Gyroscope.
  •   Running license plate recognition (LPR) algorithms on smart surveillance cameras. A feasibility analysis.
  •   Alexa Doorman – Voice activated smart home design and implementation.