IEEE Android Projects

Android is one of the most popular and widely used mobile operating system. The simplicity of making applications that support android is an added advantage for many application developers. Android applications are not only simple to make but can be marketed in an effective manner. The immensely popular operating system is Linux based. The android mobile market has exceeded the popularity of its predecessor IOS and Symbian, its rich collection of apps makes android look ever green. We at Chennai Projects provide you with professional solutions on Android based IEEE projects. We deliver high quality Android projects that look good on paper and work perfectly in real time as well.

IEEE Android Projects Title List

1. Efficient and Anonymous Mobile User Authentication Protocol Using Self-certified Public Key Cryptography for Multi-server Architectures
2. iSearch : Mobile app for searching lost person
3. EPLQ: Efficient Privacy-Preserving Location-based Query over Outsourced Encrypted Data
4. Greenhouse Remote Monitoring System Based Mobile App
5. Fast Sharing Blood Availability Between Donor’s And Acceptor’s Through Android App Using Cloud Service
6. iCar : Mobile app for car pooling using bootstrap responsive design
7. iJob : job Peers Training and Exam
8. Mobile app for Employee management system for monitoring and controlling process using bootstrap responsive design
9. iTour : Mobile app for Tourism City using bootstrap responsive design
10. eCom :Mobile app for online shopping based on responsive design
  11. Mobile app for Sharing Marriage Invitation using bootstrap responsive design
12. iBus : Mobile app for Bus Timing Report using bootstrap responsive design
13. iSchool : Mobile app for School Management App using bootstrap responsive design
14. Anomaly detection approach against shilling attacks in E-com site using the dynamic time interval segmentation technique
15. iSports : Mobile app for Sports Events using bootstrap responsive design
16. E-services for gram panchayath
17. Mobile for Ambulance and police location based information
18. Mobile App for BHARATH NARI for online shopping
19. Bridge between Investor and Business people
20. Android Application to Access College Activities – Events, Placement, Student Info

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