A Robust Statistical Model to Predict the Future Value of the Milk Production Using Recorded Datasets with Peak Detection.
  A Survey on Various Data Mining Techniques in Field of Agriculture for Prediction of Crop Yield.
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  Multiple object detection with haar cascade algorithm using OpenCV.
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  Smart Restaurant Online food Ordering System Based Python.
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  License Plate Recognition System Based On Contour Properties and Deep Learning Model.
  Content Based Methods And Collaborative Filtering Into Movie Recommendation System Using Dataset.
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  APNEA Detection Based on Respiratory Signal Classification
  Attendance Management System Based on Facial Recogonization
  Bacterial Foraging Optimization Based Radial Basis Function Neural Network (BRBFNN) For Identification and Classification of Plant Leaf Diseases An Automatic Approach Towards Plant Pathology
  Big Data Analysis Technology Application in Agricultural Intelligence Decision
  Blood Cell Counting Using Python Open-CV
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